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Law Offices of Michael H. Johnson, P.A.
3601 West Commercial Boulevard, Suite 31
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

Fort Lauderdale Law Office

Law Offices of Michael H. Johnson, P.A.
2240 Palm Beach Lakes Bvld, 4th Floor
West Palm Beach, FL 33409

West Palm Beach Law Office

All About Tax and Bankruptcy Issues

Michael Johnson of the Law Offices of Michael H Johnson is a bankruptcy attorney in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In this set of articles, he discusses the implications of a bankruptcy case for individual debtors in his state.

What Are the Tax Implications Of Bankruptcy?

People who file for bankruptcy can rest assured that they will not be dinged with extra costs come tax season in April. Having taxes legally discharged is not the same as having them legally forgiven, which is an important point to note.

What to Expect After Going Through Bankruptcy

Many attorneys talk about what to expect during a bankruptcy, but few talk about the realities of what life will be like once the bankruptcy is complete. This article talks about some of those realities, with specific information about how people can get back on their feet.

Who Is Eligible For a “Cram Down?”

"Cram downs" are available for anyone who owes more on a second mortgage or home equity line of credit than his or her home is currently worth. These are an excellent option that many people are still not aware of.