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A New Florida Program That Helps People Pay Back Student Loans

As of 2021, the Southern District of Florida has created a Student Loan Program (SLP). This program affects both federal and private loans. The intention is to help people more effectively pay back their loans based on their available incomes.

With the federal student loan pause expiring on September 30, 2021, many people, perhaps even you, are worried about how they will pay back their student loans. Student loans have historically been nearly impossible to discharge, even in bankruptcy. However, given the unprecedented events that adversely affected the U.S. economy and people’s ability to remain employed, relief was sought.

As the sole proprietor of a bankruptcy law firm, I understand the scope of this process. If you need guidance on how to pursue a feasible repayment option, I can help.

Why Work With An Attorney?

An experienced Florida bankruptcy attorney is a valuable asset when it comes to understanding your rights and options on student loan repayment. With the full understanding I have of the student loan system and the federal and state laws governing it, I am often able to renegotiate student loans into more reasonable payment plans.

We all know that there can be a higher level of bureaucracy involved in government programs. I can ease the burden, stress and confusion of this process. I will file the paperwork and handle all communication with the loan company on your behalf.

Find Out More In A Free Student Loan Consult

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